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daily rate 3 euro 

DAOLASA (Commezzadura)


*parking permitted only in the spots reserved to Orso Bruno








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a Daolasa

*Cars can be parked in the spots reserved to Orso Bruno only



daily rate: 7 Euro per night
weekly rate: 30 Euro






Orso Bruno Lodge is located at the top of Mount Vigo, at an altitude of 2,200 meters. Clients can reach the lodge only by lifts. Lifts are open daily from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

Two options are available to get to the lodge: 

- from the the bottom of Val di Sole, clients can ride on a new 8 seat gondola (“Daolasa-Mastellina”). The gondola starts from Daolasa, a small village located only 2 km after Dimaro, on the way heading to Tonale Pass. When clients have reached the top station of the gondola, they must run only 300 meters on a very short ski-trail which leads to the base of a 3 seat chairlift (“Bassetta del Vigo”). Our lodge is located right at the top of this chairlift (we strongly advise clients to choose this option if they do not need to have their cars parked indoor);

- from Folgarida, a village only 5 minute driving from Dimaro, on the way to Madonna di Campiglio. clients  must ride on a 8 seat gondola (“Malghet Haut”), and then on a 4 seat chairlift (“Spolverino”). When at the top of Mount Spolverino,  an only 500 meter long ski-trail connects clients to the base of a 3 seat chairlift (“Bassetta del Vigo”) which ends right in front of our lodge.


We would like to outline that lifts close at 4.30 pm. Therefore, we strongly suggest that clients should plan their arrival not later than 3 pm, in order to have enough time to park their cars, download baggage and purchase lift tickets. 

Should clients arrive when lift are already closed (we again recommend clients to do any efforts to avoid this situation), they need to contact us by phone  as soon as possible (tel. No. 328-3557459 or 0463-796160) , in order to arrange a snowmobile trip. A one way snowmobile run costs Euro 20 per person, and the pick-up place is always from Folgarida. 



Clients who do not need to have their car parked indoor are strongly recommended to get to Daolasa. The village is located at an altitude of only 750 meters, where it is not very cold even in winter months, and therefore an indoor parking is not so important. A free parking lot is available at the  gondola base station.


As an alternative, clients who want their car to be parked indoor must reach Folgarida, at an altitude of 1,200 meters. An indoor parking is available at the base of “Malghet Haut” gondola. The cost is 8 euro per night. All clients who want to reach the lodge from Folgarida must inform our staff at the time of booking, before their arrival.


Luggage must be left at the top station of gondola lifts. Our staff is in charge of carrying the luggage to the lodge by snowmobile as soon as lifts are closed (4.30 – 5.00 pm). Clients from Folgarida will deliver their luggage later on. We strongly advice all clients to use a backpack to carry first need and valuable items always with them, and wear proper shoes to reach the lodge on foot. 

Please bear in mind that, on the departure day, luggage must be stored in the restaurant area not later than 8.10 am (7.45 am for clients to return to Folgarida). Our “staff” will carry the luggage to the top station of the gondola lifts, where bags are stored in an unguarded place (i.e. the same place where bags were left on the arrival day). Clients can pick-up their bags at any time during the day, before lifts close (4.30 pm). That allows clients to ski all day long, if they like. 

The bag deposits at the gondola stations are unguarded. As a result, we recommend all clients to keep valuable items, PC etc… with them in their backpack. 



Two rental shops are available at the base and top stations of “Daolasa-Mastellina” gondola for clients who would like to rent ski equipments. 


Lift passes must be purchased on the arrival day, at the base of gondola stations. Clients, who arrive in the afternoon and do not want to go skiing the same day, can benefit from a 50% discount to buy a round-trip ticket to and from the lodge. Such discount is granted only if, at the same time, clients buy a minimum 3 day lift pass.