Abruzzese, dalle spiagge adriatiche di Silvi Marina ai monti.

Dining room waitress

Nadija is from Croatian, but she is now part of our family! She have been working with us in both winter and summer seasons, for more than 20 years.

...dal caldo dell'Egitto alle nevi del Trentino!!! Ottimo pizzaiolo!!! La stagione estiva la passa nella Bella Sardegna! 

The Staff of Orso Bruno.


This page is dedicated to all the people who work at Orso Bruno, spending all the winter season with us.


It is not that easy for the members of our Staff to live at the top of a mountain for such a long time. People here are completely isolated from the real world. They have no shops, bars and no chance of any social entertainment other than that offered within Orso Bruno. Employees here live far from their house, interacting 24 hrs a day with the other employees they work with. Despite of this situation, which may be very stressful sometimes, all employees do always their best to be smiling, helpful, kind and patient with clients. They can be crazy insane sometimes, but that’s our Staff and we love and thank all of them!!!!


Dining room waitress.

Daniela has been working at Orso Bruno from many years, she is a sweet and sunny person, always friendly and super kind with clients!



She is half Croatian and half Italian, a little bit silly, she has been working with us for many years.



Roberta is great in her job, giving our plates the typical taste of old times.


Cook assistant.

Anna helps Roberta (her sister) with great patience in helping all the crazy people who work in the kitchen!!


Chief cook.

Beppe totally meets our requirement: “if they are not mad, we won’t hire them!!”

He’s literally the craziest human being at Orso Bruno!!

Beppe is the author of all our tasteful home-made cakes.




Cuoco Cucina

Giovane e allegro, cuoco rifugista, sempre alla ricerca della meta più alta.....

Prima stagione con noi...:-)



Ana has been working with us for some years, he is young and works hard.

A special thank to Duilio and Marco. While they are not employed at Orso Bruno, they are always willing to help us on their days-off. Thanks!  
Special thanks to the man who translated this site
Nicola Sirtori


She has survived to her first season with us this year, let’s see if she is able to go through the next winter as well!!!


Bartender and cashier.

Charming woman from Sardinia, Caterina is not only an employee at Orso Bruno, but even the best faithful friend of everybody.


Sandwich and Panino-maker.

Marian is Ana’s husbad. He is working with us for some years, he is the perfect working employee at Orso Bruno.


Sandwich and Panino-maker.

Luca is always happy and friendly with clients,  and loves to meet their needs.



Room Waitress.

Simona is accurate and creative at the same time in her job. She has the ability to give a touch of elegance to Orso Bruno.

Barista Bar Piccolo
.....della serie: Dio li fa....poi li manda all'Orso Bruno!!! :-P